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Military & Post Traumatic Stress

Military consciousness may seem as oxymoronic as military intelligence but there’s no denying certain kinds of group thinking (duty honor country flag yada yada) are pretty universal military characteristics ranging from very admirable to downright evil, the worst of them in times of war becoming little more than mass murdering sprees. When individuals take up arms and go shoot people we call the police to catch or kill them, but when we organize a whole bunch of people to go kill a whole bunch of other people on our behalf that’s somehow okay enough to send them off with waving flags and kisses and maybe even put on parades for the survivors when they return home. This group mass murdering trait called war is proof that homo sapiens is just another animal, and a particularly vicious and predatory one at that. We cannot reasonably consider ourselves civilized as a species until organized mass murder is eliminated forever. The effects on its participants, well-intentioned enough through tradition and groupthink but often catastrophic on their psyches afterward for knowing the butchery they performed, manifest in such disturbances of consciousness as post-traumatic stress disorder. Consequently PTSD titles are included in this section.