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Classically describing a corpse revived by witchcraft particularly in some African and Caribbean religions, Zombies are also made with rum, liqueur, and fruit juice and identify one of the greatest rock bands of the 1960’s. So in consciousness discussions it should not be surprising to observe a certain amount of hairsplitting over exactly what a zombie is or isn’t either, but in general the concept goes like this: since what we call conscious experience is entirely subjective, we can never share that experience directly or fully but only by inference that the subjective experience of others must more or less resemble our own because they must be conscious too, more or less like we are. We take this as an implicit assumption, without ever questioning it. But what if it isn’t necessarily true all the time? What if there were people walking around without actually being conscious (somewhat like sleepwalkers maybe) but without any changes in noticeable behavior that would give them away? Never mind how, that isn’t the point, it’s a thought experiment. How would we recognize them? What kind of test could we do on a suspected zombie to identify them as such? There do not seem to be any good answers to these questions, at least not yet.