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Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential



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Product Description

When renowned futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard first issued this groundbreaking call to action she was confronting the state of affairs at the momentous turn of the twenty-first century. Her clear-eyed, inspiring, and wide-sweeping vision of a possible — and essential — global renaissance at the new millennium earned her devotees in a variety of disciplines, from Marianne Williamson and Gary Zukav to Eric Utne and former United Nations Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller. Now, because the times are ever more ripe for — and in need of — radical reimagining, Hubbard has updated her vision. She shows how newfound scientific knowledge and technological advances can foster rather than impede transformational action. Consistently “ahead of her time,” Hubbard speaks to contemporary change-makers with the wisdom of past experience and a passion for new possibility.

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