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Peak Experiences, Hiking the Highest Summits of New York, County by County (Trail Guidebooks)



Price : $16.95 $73.94


Product Description

This guidebook, packed with pictures and maps, will lead you on a quest. Be the first (besides the author) to bag the highest point of each county of New York Statethere are 62 to be conquered. Some are barely molehills that can be driven by; others are significant mountain peaks that require an all-day climb. All promise the exhilaration of new discoveries. Can you name the highest point of the county where you live? Chances are good that you’ll be wrong. As Gary Fallesen researched the summits he repeatedly came across experts who steered him wrong. Local belief often differs from factual reality. In this book you’ll learn not only where the real Peak Experiences are, but how to get there. Fallesen delved into the history of each high point as well. With his guidance you’ll meet the people populating the high points today and at the peaks in history.



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