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With Consciousness of Guilt: The Sexual Predator Among Us



Price : $20.95


Product Description

The first time Sam Consiglio assaulted a woman, he was 13-years-old. He would grab women by the breasts and run. When caught, he promised the police and his father he would never do that again. Its probably the one promise Sam made to anyone that he actually kept. For over 25 years, Sam preyed upon unsuspecting women from Michigan to Florida to California. Using his wit and charming personality, he gained their confidence and trust before turning violent whenever he needed to satisfy his sexual urges. With almost every arrest, Sam was able to beat the police and the prosecutors as they tried in vein, to have him incarcerated. And with each failure of the courts to keep him behind bars, Sam grew more confident that no one could ever keep him locked up. Now, Sam is on trial in California for two separate sexual assaults on women. Confident he can prove his innocence, Sam manipulates the system, proving to be a formidable adversary for even the most seasoned prosecutor. This is the true story of a sociopath who masterfully made a mockery of the judicial system as he lived among us as a sexual predator.

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